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A serious Bulldog mascot became a lucky charm for Lynn English High School in Massachusetts.

Dog Sculpture and Dog Portraits.

Dog statues and dog portraits have been created since ancient times. Dogs have always been the most beloved pets and their owners want to remember and honor their canine friends by commissioning a very special dog bronze portrait statues and memorials. Bronze monuments can depict famous dogs, faithful family companions or school mascots.

Your choice of dog sculptures

We can offer a variety of dog statues to fit your budget. From small bust portrait statue, to a desk top small bronze to a life-size full figure dog bronze memorial, the possibilities of depicting your favorite dog are endless. A life-size dog bronze makes an unusual landmark and makes a great photo opportunity. A serious Bulldog mascot became a lucky charm for Lynn English High School in Massachusetts.
Bosco, the Dog Mayor is mentioned as a sightseeing landmark of Sunol, CA. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/19948

Dog Sculpture as a Gift

Dog sculpture makes a very nice gift. It does not have to be a life-size dog bronze. I have designed a desk top size dog portrait sculptures which became surprise birthday presents. I have created bronze portrait statues of Maltese, Dachshund, English Bulldog and even Rottweiler mix dog. They became a unique gift, a favorite landmark statue and a school mascot. When you have a limited budget, consider a smaller scale dog figurine or bust, mounted on a nice base. The most affordable option would be a bronze plaque.
Life size bronze dog sculpture.

How to Order a Custom Dog Statue

We make ordering a dog sculpture easy. Please send us photos of your special dog and we will design a unique dog sculpture , from a sketch to a finished bronze on a marble or walnut base. When you order a life size dog statue or monument , we will design an outdoor pedestal and suggest the best pose and angle to compliment the surrounding area. We will send you pictures of the statue in progress to get your input.
Being a big animal lover myself I have always enjoyed sculpting dogs. I guarantee that when you commission a life-size dog sculpture, bronze memorial or small bronze portrait of your dog, I will create it with love and care. I will ask you to tell me stories about your dog. This helps me to capture its character and choose a composition for a future bronze statue.
Dogs are amazing creatures. Every dog should have its day. And a bronze statue.
Dog sculptures: Dachshund. Bronze.

Dog sculptures: Maltese. Bronze.

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